Digital Transformation

Someone is going to disrupt your industry. Let’s make that person YOU!

Technology is moving at such a relentless pace that it presents business leaders with a set of new challenges. Let us help you turn those challenges into opportunities and transform your company into a prominent leader and the game changer in your industry.

The dawn of IOT Technology

Convergence of interconnectivity
and mobility

At Nexasoft, we are constantly at the forefront of IoT, Mobile, Web, Big Data & Cloud technologies to make sure the creative solutions we are offering are relevant and well suited for future game changers and upcoming industry leaders.


Yup, you heard that right. Your Online Business Empire is no longer just a distant dream.

Kickstart and reinforce your digital marketing measures. Get your business online the right way through our supercharged, fully integrated techniques.

Interested in Virtual Reality for your event?

Enter Arena VR: our very own virtual reality hardware service. Choose from a wide selection of virtual reality devices available for purchase or rental, for your events and projects.

About Nexasoft

The world is getting more connected than ever. Think of any devices you own, they will soon be interconnected and together they’ll form intelligent systems that will push technological boundaries beyond our imagination. At Nexasoft, we are constantly at the forefront of IoT, Mobile, Web, Big Data & Cloud technologies to make sure the creative solutions we are offering are relevant and well suited for future game changers and upcoming industry leaders.


Mobile App Development

With anytime, any network, ventures are accomplishing better outcomes in lesser time. Regardless of whether it’s tied in with activating workforce or drawing in clients, we are here to offer assistance.


Wow your audience and make a lasting mark with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We offer full VR/AR development services for myriad applications, including real estate, education, gaming, and more.

Web Application Services

With a versatile first approach, we upgrade your procedures with exceedingly secure web applications that limit downtime and boost efficiency.

Game Dev / Gamification

If you’re looking to improve your organization by incentivising productivity, or develop your very own video game, then look no further. We offer game development and gamification services for Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Cloud & IoT

While top programming improvement organizations are investigating the potential of IoT and Cloud-based services for driving the next period of IT development; as a spry tech advancement organization, Nexasoft is actively engaged in delivering mobile-enabled IOT and Cloud solutions.

Integrated Online Marketing

Regardless of the scale of your brand, Nexasoft strives for maximum reach with our marketing services, targeting not only social media platforms, but e-mail blasts, website branding and promotional multimedia content.

We aim to forge a long term relationship with our customers. We care about both our partners and employees, while working on IT solutions together.

Hezri Amir
CEO & Co-Founder


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Hezri Amir, Nexasoft CEO featured in Sunday Star newspaper

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