Security Dashboard

A complete and extensive security monitoring with project management solution.

IoT Solution | Tablet

The Client

Nexagate, an ISO270001-certified IT security consulting and provider, delivers trusted security solutions to organizations of many sizes, improving security processes, ensuring compliance towards security and data protection.


The NSI dashboard is a tablet based app that connects Nexagate with their clients. The app displays up-to-date data to the clients’ network security ratings. Nexagate also uses this app to manage and communicate security reinforcement tasks among the team as well as with their clients.

The App

Timelines and Details

The Project view clearly lists every security projects’ task completion rate, the number of pending and overdue tasks, and even priority level, allowing both team members and clients to easily track the progress and details of ongoing security reinforcement efforts.

Monitor, Analyse and Respond

Project management is all about the details: what needs to be done, who’s doing it, and when will it be done. We’ve got that covered. Each project has a complete task breakdown and Gantt Chart view that enable the team and clients to really dwelve into the details.

Concise Project Listing

From a Threat, Protection and Compliance rating, to security attack statistics, the app dashboard provides both Nexagate’s security team and their clients a quick yet comphrehensive look at their network security rating across the board.