Gotcha! RHB Fraud Awareness Module

A Flash game designed to raise awareness
on fraud through gamification

Game Development | Gamification

The Client

This Flash title was developed for RHB Bank Berhad, the fourth largest fully integrated financial services group in Malaysia. RHB Bank covers a wide-range of financial services including corporate banking, investment banking, insurance, and many more.


Gotcha! was conceived as a method of educating RHB employees on the subject of bank fraud that is both effective and engaging, particularly in correspondance to the RHB Fraud Awareness Week.

The Story

Gotcha! places learners in the shoes of a private investigator tasked to track down a renowned and wanted bank fraud culprit. Learners must analyse and solve various fraud cases to get one step closer to catching the culprit.

Gamified Quizzes

Solve problems that relate to real-world scenarios, allowing learners to sharpen their wits and skills at identifying potential fraud cases.

Learn and Play

Most importantly, Gotcha! was designed to be a fun and engaging experience, making for a more memorable and entertaining way to learn.