BNM Museum & Art Gallery
Mini Theatre Enhancement

Cycle through time and learn about the history of economics in this innovative multimedia exhibit

Multimedia Development

The Client

Bank Negara Malaysia is the Malaysian central bank. It was established in 1959,
and plays an important role in the nation’s financial management, that is managing
the country’s currency and money supply.


This project was developed as an exhibit for BNM’s very own Museum and Art Gallery, an informal venue for learning about economics, Islamic banking, and financial planning. This specific exhibit revolves around the history of economics.

The App

An Interactive Insight

We developed an interactive way to explore the history of economics. From the primitive era to the modern to, discover how concepts such as trade and currency came into existence and how human society has evolved through the years.

Immersive Storytelling

Hop on a time travel bike and cycle through slices of time from a first-person perspective. Experience economic change throughout the ages as if you were really there.

Simple and Fun

Take in beautiful minimalistic environments and colorful characters that bring life to the world and make for a fun and exciting experience for all ages to enjoy.