Astro Hitz Heroes

A puzzle combat game developed for
Astro’s top brand, Hitz.FM

Game Development

The Client

This project was developed for Astro, a digital, TV, and radio broadcast company and content provider. With a customer base of 5.8 million or about 71% penetration of total households in Malaysia, Astro provides a wide-array of broadcast and streaming services including DTH Satellite TV, IPTV, and OTT.


Hitz Heroes is a mobile puzzle combat game developed for
Astro as an added commercial value to one of their most
popular brands, Hitz.FM.

The Game

Fight of Icons

Hitz Heroes stars the very personalities that carry the Hitz.FM brand. From DJ Ean to DJ Skeletor and Jinnyboy, Hitz Heroes pits all the favorite Hitz.FM stars against one another in an epic battle of musical prowess.

A Plethora of Levels

Hitz Heroes has a large bounty of levels pitting players against
each of the Hitz.FM DJs, each bringing players an engaging
and entertaining challenge. The stakes are raised with each
level, ensuring players are always tested in a fun game of
skills and wits. An intruiging storyline ties the levels together
in one compelling narrative.

Proven Gameplay

The game employs a simple but proven Match-3 gameplay that’s engaging and replayable. Match up powers to defeat your opponents and unlock new DJs as playable characters.