If you have a smart phone, you’ll definitely be using mobile applications. From making calls and keeping track of daily tasks to shopping online and ordering food, we use mobile apps for almost everything in this day and age. And for good reason: mobile apps make completing tasks so much easier and quicker that some people even forget what life before apps was like. Here’s how mobile apps can change the way you live, and maybe even save your life.

1. Latest weather warnings

While the occasional rain can cause annoying traffic jams that can delay your daily tasks, sometimes there are weather conditions that can bring more harm than usual. Situations such as dangerous heat waves and flash floods pose a notable threat to not only your schedule but also your safety. With certain mobile apps, you can set up notifications for whenever there are unusual weather occurrences in your area so that you can plan or re-plan your day accordingly to save time, money, and also possibly your life.

2. Any banking activities

Having notifications on your banking app for any transactions that go through can be helpful in many ways. For people making transactions, it serves as a confirmation that the transaction has either been successful or failed. This can also help to detect any criminal activity being carried out on your account without your knowing — you’ll be notified of any suspicious activity, and if it’s not you carrying it out, you can report it to the relevant authorities.

3. Traffic jams and accidents

No one wants to be late to an appointment because they got stuck in traffic for too long. With the help of the right mobile apps, you can reroute your journey to avoid traffic jams or accidents and get to that appointment on time. Certain apps even have the option to set alerts so you can be notified whenever there’s a traffic jam happening nearby or on your way anywhere.

4. Know where a person is going

Conventionally, having the ability to track a person’s whereabouts may seem suspicious and even frowned upon, but sometimes there are just situations where you need to keep track of their location to ensure their safety. With mobile apps, you can be notified of when someone leaves or arrives at a certain location.

5. Home activity and pet notifications

Leaving your pet home alone is something not every pet-owner can do in good conscience. With all the worrying about the safety of your home and your pet, it’s hard to leave the house for long periods of time when you need to. Luckily, there are mobile apps that can notify you of motion or noise detected inside or outside your home. There are various security suites that require setup with designated cameras or microphones, with the ability to be armed or disarmed remotely. These apps even allow you to set alerts for anything that happens in your home while you’re away.

6. Irregular or high heart rate

In this day and age, there are even mobile apps that can notify you when your heart rate is abnormal. Devices like the Fitbit can detect your heart rate and, working with certain mobile apps, can send you an alert when your resting heart rate is too high so you can take the necessary steps to prevent any accidents or injuries from happening.

Source: USA Today